Decades of experience in property management

New Opportunities. Reminet Ltd was founded in 1999 with the aim of offering innovative IT solutions in the facilities management field in Estonia. We quickly realized that one of the core characteristics that defines a successful company is their ability to maintain and manage their assets. This called for a solution that would give an exhaustive overview of all of the company?s physical assets and their condition, but at the same time be accessible and easily comprehendible? by managers as well as employees. We embarked on a quest to find the right software to fit those needs and we found it in Boston in 2000. It?s called ARCHIBUS and it is the leading real estate and infrastructure management software in the world.

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Integrated Environment. In 2000, Reminet obtained its first customer through a procurement – the newly built Faculty of Medicine of Tartu University, who continue to maintain their assets with ARCHIBUS even today. Since then, we have been offering software development, implementation and technical support for a number of other bigger and smaller companies in Estonia. The software offers a comprehensive communication environment for all stake holders – the owner, the manager and the user alike. This vision is also reflected in the company?s name – Real Estate Management Information Network. The application is in local language and can be adjusted to any business environment. Two languages can be used in the application at the same time if needed.

Complete Lifecycle. Our team has well-established business relationships with leading facilities management experts both in Estonia and abroad. We have also contributed our know-how as a member in several international project teams.
We believe that the future in real estate development and management belongs to service-based solutions that are built using fast evolving technologies. This solution provides value to the client, whether they wish to buy or rent the software, or use the services of third party professionals. The goal is to provide an effective and transparent physical asset management solution that is based on measurable expenses, mitigates risks, generates added value and creates a competitive advantage for companies using it.

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