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We know that the real estate management needs of organisations vary greatly. Together, we select the necessary services and decide which software solution it makes sense to use.


Asset management analysis

We develop an asset management model that supports your company's goals. This is the basis for further digitisation of processes.

  • Mapping the existing asset management situation (As-Is)
  • Needs analysis
  • Preparation of the asset management future strategy (To-Be) with key indicators

Data collection and systematization

  • We will prepare a customer-oriented asset register for you in a digital environment
  • We carry out inventory
  • We technically map all assets
  • We create a digital register for service agreements and utilities contracts
  • We develop technical specifications for procurements

Planning activities related to assets

We develop asset maintenance plans and prepare digital maintenance schedules for them. We organize job management, technician job planning and dispatch services.

  • Preventive care
  • Prescriptive maintenance
  • Emergency maintenance

Software integration

To have a complete picture, the data must move seamlessly between different software. We integrate management software with accounting and other software.

Lifecycle-based data management and digital tools

We associate data between building information models (BIM) and management software. We will find suitable IT solutions based on your needs.

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Plannerly is a recognized cloud-based building information model (BIM) software. It allows data related to the building and equipment to be stored and managed already when planning the building. We define the requirements for the data of the building, prepare the BIM plan and collect all the necessary data for the future management of the building. When teh building is ready, so is all data in the management software, to start managing the building.

Archibus is the world's leading software in real estate management. With it, we systematize real estate and equipment and create a property register. After that you can manage all asset-related jobs up to billing. We provide situational analysis, system deployment, consultations and technical support. Reminet has been an Archibus dealer since 2000 and we are their gold partner.

Cobundu smart house software helps users in real time to ensure the best comfort and space and resource efficiency. With the help of sensors, we monitor the situation in buildings in real time – air quality and humidity levels, the number of users of the premises and the activity of use, as well as the required distance between people. Real-time and easy-to-understand reports provide the necessary information for decision-making and planning for the future.

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