Your business, your real estate - your full picture

We will concentrate all information related to your organization's real estate on a single platform. That way, you always have a complete overview.

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Does that sound familiar?

Asset-related information tends to be scattered

You lack relevant information about what is going on with your assets

Physical asset data and daily operations are divided between different systems and people responsible.

Real estate costs are increasing

In the absence of a clear overview of physical assets, it is difficult to plan costs, so they tend to increase.

It is difficult to create value with physical assets

You lack clear metrics, and your asset management strategy is not related to the goals of the company.

Employees leaving poses a risk to your business

Information about assets is often in people's heads. When people leave, knowledge disappears.

You can always trust,
but you can also have a firm grasp.

Real estate is often the organization's biggest source of expense. Like other key areas in your organization, you also need to have an overview of the use of physical assets.

Let's put the picture together for you

1. We will identify your needs

We map the current state of your asset management and identify opportunities for improvement. Then we align them with the needs of your company and create a strategy.

2. We'll give you a tool

Based on your needs, we will adapt real estate management software to you. It has everything about your buildings – for example, object-based information, costs, equipment and maintenance instructions.

3. You have a complete picture of your assets

Now you have access to all the information from one place. This way, you have a complete overview and control over your company's real estate, its management and expenses.

Our solutions focus on your needs

We offer services to many different user groups. We'll develop the package based on your organization's needs.


Better data from your real estate investments will help you make better decisions.


Use your business assets efficiently and achieve your business goals faster. 

Maintenance company

Be a professional partner for your clients in the management of their physical assets. 

Local government

Ensure that the assets you manage are efficiently applied to the benefit of the community.

We know what's important

If dealing with real estate is not your main business, then your company's assets are just a means of doing business.

Therefore, it can be difficult for you to navigate this terrain.

We bring our 20 years of experience to help you bring clarity to your company's real estate.

This way you can focus on what's important to you – your business. 

Don't let your competitors pass you by

A clear overview of what is happening to your organization's real estate gives you a strong competitive advantage.

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Reminet OÜ

Öpiku maja, Valukoja 8

Tallinn 11415



info [at]

Registry code 10447156

VAT EE100579088