Success stories and experiences

Elion Ettev?tted?Ltd

use ARCHIBUS/FM for both their properties and non-fixed assets management since 2002. Reminet developed a unique solution based on?ARCHIBUS that allows the company to also keep an account of their vehicles and their expenses, such as limits, fuel cards and fringe benefits. The company uses ARCHIBUS to manage their internal web as well, allowing any?employee to report a problem with their work environment and keep track of the solving process.


ELISA Eesti?Ltd

is using ARCHIBUS to develop and manage their cell sites. The time to establish a cell site shortened remarkably since implementing our tailored solution for them, as all stake holders have now the opportunity to keep an eye on the progress?and all related data?of the task at hand. The locations of the sites can be seen on a map; it is even possible to see the exact location of every site (height, direction), which makes it easy to predict the need and opportunities to establish new sites. An extra feature for their application is stock management for spare parts.


Eesti Energia?Ltd

manage their buildings and other facilities with ARCHIBUS. Accessible by 2000 people, they keep their expenses in check, manage maintenance work in their mines and keep record of their furniture and devices. The company also use our solutions to manage their car park – ?users are able to order a vehicle for the time they need it, write the purpose and duration of their ride?and managers can view and keep a record of their subordinates’ rides.

Eesti Energia

Riigi Kinnisvara?Ltd

is the competence center for?development, management and maintenance of real estate belonging to the Republic of Estonia. They are using?ARCHIBUS since 2005 to manage various management and maintenance tasks and ensure the quality of their execution. Our solution has helped the administrators achieve work efficiency that is 10 times higher than before and our goal is to help them achieve even better results. Contractors can enter their work directly into the system and the managers can then check the quality of their work based on agreed standards. In 2014, 8 new ARCHIBUS functionalities were implemented into their current solution, which helps diversify services provided to government institutions.

Riigi Kinnisvara