Consultancy Services

Creating strategic solutions for physical asset management

Our seasoned team will gladly consult you in: 

  • requirements for creating an organization’s asset management information system, implementation planning and budgeting;
  • coordinating and managing the information system’s successful implementation;
  • creating and optimizing maintenance processes and workflows;
  • defining and mapping the company’s field-specific success-metrics;
  • defining data required for reporting;
  • samples for role-specific dashboards;
  • analyzing energy consumption and implementing energy saving measures;
  • optimizing workspace usage;
  • creating and managing floor plan registries;
  • creating maintenance books for facilities;
  • reducing property usage costs;
  • managing effective asset inspection and inventory;
  • creating employee portals.

The result is:

  • increased work efficiency and contribution in the company’s sustainability of asset management specialists
  • shortened decision processes;
  • increased availability of reports;
  • creating a better quality work environment;
  • increased transparency in resource usage;
  • reduced costs of property usage.