Information Management Services for Assets & Properties

Outsource facilities management info services entirely or in part and make your managing more efficient.

Outsourcing services and integrating them into the organization’s business model is a growing trend. We provide support with managing asset registries and asset maintenance information flow.

  • describing, organizing and documenting the information management process;
  • collecting, entering and systemizing asset management data – keeping an asset registry;
  • 24/7 dispatcher service;
  • presenting?reports to support management decisions;
  • presenting reports with relevant data to support asset management budgeting.

Physical asset management is usually a company’s supportive service that does not create revenue of its own, yet is crucial for the company’s existence and smooth workflow. Implementing asset management services from professionals, either in part or entirely, will?ensure:

transparency – overview of who is responsible for which tasks & precise reporting;

– ?cost saving – ?company’s portfolio of assets, how they are used and which costs are involved;

the most efficient operations – ensuring optimal asset management activities;

risk mitigation – ensuring all activities are carried out according to requirements and in a timely manner;

increase in client and employee satisfaction.

Implementing asset management services that are tailored to your company’s needs are a vital part of your organization’s strategy and will help you stay competitive in your field.