ARCHIBUS deployment and support

The quickest and easiest way to deploy ARCHIBUS

ARCHIBUS can help if:

  • properties data are spread all around?the organization – located in the heads of employees, different Excels and/or information systems;
  • lease? and service contracts, work reports, floor plans and other documents are not digitalized;
  • there is no clear distribution of tasks?between the employees;
  • there is no systematic management of work orders and preventive maintenance;
  • there is no overview of works performed;
  • it is time consuming to have revenue reports and?costs?compared to the planned budget.

Deployment of ARCHIBUS basic functionality will provide:

  • centralized web-based ?repository of property data with role-based access for stakeholder;
  • every employee and service provider has an individualized dashboard with the data needed to fulfil their?tasks;
  • overview of service contracts and time schedules of preventive maintenance works;
  • work flow management, client’s feedback and confirmations;
  • tracking of leases, leased spaces and prices;
  • cost management and budgeting;
  • enegy consumption reports and charts;
  • inventory management;
  • integration with ERP and other information systems;
  • regular detailed reports: what, where, how much, who is responsible for maintenance, purpose of usage etc.

As a result the basic model of corporate properties management is created. This?is the core?new ARCHIBUS functionalities?can be added to. ARCHIBUS is a flexible technology platform that allows us to offer:

  • tailored solutions for large companies that own a lot of properties with a variety of different usage purposes;
  • standard solutions for facilities management and properties maintenance service providers;
  • service-based solutions for organizations in different industries to help them focus on their main activities and take care of their supportive services.